When To See A Pedatric Dermatologist

Dermatologists aren’t just for teenagers with acne or adults with skin problems. There’s a good chance that even young children may benefit from visiting a dermatologist for various skin conditions
With special training in treating children’s skin problems, a pediatric dermatologist is equipped to help you figure out the source of skin issues, educate you on the treatment process, and even teach you how to prevent other skin-related woes from becoming big problems for your child.
Is it time for you to make an appointment for your child with the pediatric dermatologist?
3 Signs Your Child Should See A Pediatric Dermatologist
Your Pediatrician Doesn’t Know What to Do About a Rash or Lump: When your child gets a rash or you notice a lump on his or her body, you probably call your pediatrician. Qualified to diagnose and treat a variety of health issues, your pediatrician may be able to identify the issue and prescribe medication. If you find that the treatment isn’t working or that the skin problem is recurring, make an appointment with a pediatric dermatologist because he or she specializes in such issues and can get to the bottom of the problem. Your mind will be put at ease and your child’s skin issue won’t go untreated.
Your Child Is Showing Symptoms of a Serious or Recurring Skin Problem: Sometimes you don’t actually need to see a pediatrician first. For instance, if a serious or recurring skin issue pops up, you can just call the pediatric dermatologist right away. You can tell if the issue is serious if it keeps your child awake or if it changes color, size, shape, or texture rapidly. Other symptoms to call about include a rash that keeps coming back or any skin abnormality that is extremely itchy. If you are concerned the rash may be from an allergic reaction, don’t delay in getting your child in as repeated exposure to an allergen can even lead to anaphylactic shock.
Your Child Was Born With Skin Abnormalities: If your child was born with skin abnormalities like birth marks or warts, then be sure to make an appointment with the pediatric dermatologist. Skin abnormalities should be monitored by trained specialists to ensure that they are not (and do not become) cancerous, infected or otherwise harmful to your child.

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