Restylane Silk is Brand New at NDDA

We are excited to introduce Restylane Silk here at North Dallas Dermatology- a brand new dermal filler which has just recently been FDA-approved. It has been used in Europe and Canada for over fifteen years, and now is available here in the USA.
Restylane Silk is a unique new filler designed for treating superficial fine lines, especially around the mouth. The end results are completely natural – you won’t look like you’ve had any work done. Instead, your appearance will be refreshed and rejuvenated, and people will ask you for your secret to looking so youthful! Fine lines are typically difficult to treat, and with Restylane Silk, there is a much better chance of smoothing them. It was formulated specifically to treat those superficial lines (such as vertical lip lines, etchings and tiny fine lines on the face) which require an extremely delicate touch and a flexible filler that won’t look overdone.
Restylane Silk is also great for shaping the lips themselves. Many people, whether due to age or genetics, have thin lips that they may not be happy with. Restylane Silk can be used to plump the lips in a very natural manner. There’s no chance of duck lips when using Restylane Silk! When you come in to have your lips filled, a consultation will be done beforehand in order to determine exactly what look you want and what would look best with your face shape. Restylane Silk can be used to sculpt and define both the top and bottom lips, leaving you with the best shape possible for your overall appearance.
Here at NDDA, we offer many types of dermal fillers, and are very happy to add Restylane Silk to our list. Come in for a consultation and see for yourself why Restylane Silk is taking the cosmetic dermatology world by storm!

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