, Kybella For The Neck and Jowls

Kybella For The Neck and Jowls

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North Dallas Dermatology Associates are proud to be one of the first practices in Texas to offer brand-new Kybella, a revolutionary non-invasive treatment for double chins. Kybella has just recently been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and our expert dermatologists are excited to be able to offer this treatment for our patients! At last, there is a quick, easy way to reduce the appearance of a double chin.

Whether you are interested in learning more about what Kybella can do for you or you are ready to undergo this cutting edge treatment along with any of our other body contouring procedures, the dermatology team at North Dallas Dermatology Associates can help you. Call our offices today at (214) 761-8524 or fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment and find out what Kybella can do for you.


In the past, the only effective treatment for the submental fat that causes a double chin was liposuction, which is a long surgical process requiring anesthesia as well as a significant amount of recovery time. Although liposuction is safe and effective when performed by an experienced and board-certified dermatologist, many people may be hesitant to undergo that kind of minimally invasive surgical procedure. Now that Kybella is available, men and women now have a non-invasive means of reducing chin fat without having to take time out of their busy lives to recover.

Submental fat causing a double chin can have a negative effect on a person’s quality of life. Men and women can have a double chin even if they are otherwise in good shape, causing them to look older and heavier than they actually are. As our body ages, certain parts of the body can grow heavier, storing fat in various areas regardless of diet and exercise. Many people are simply genetically predisposed to developing certain features later in life like a double chin. Unfortunately, there are no effective exercises that can get rid of a double chin, and many people are unhappy with their appearance due to this. Kybella can help men and women with unwanted double chins get the look they want in a safe, effective, and non-invasive manner!


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Kybella uses deoxycholic acid to target and kills submental fat cells. After these fat cells are destroyed, the body naturally eliminates them. A Kybella treatment can be customized to the individual patient’s needs, with injections placed carefully and evenly in the spots where fatty tissue needs to be destroyed. The treatment itself is very quick and painless due to a topical numbing agent that is applied to the skin where the injections will go.

Severe side effects are rare, with the most common being swelling, bruising, or numbness, which disappears after a few days. The side effects can be treated with over the counter medication and even safely covered up with makeup if necessary. Unlike surgery, patients are able to return to their everyday activities right after the injections. However, it is advised that patients take a few days to rest and allow their bodies to fully heal and respond to the medication.

Some patients may require multiple Kybella treatments over a period of months in order to achieve the desired outcome, depending on how well s/he responds to the treatment as well as his or her specific goals. It is crucial to only receive Kybella injections from a board-certified dermatologist with ample experience using the treatment. The area under the chin can be particularly sensitive and a skilled injector can safely avoid delicate nerve endings, as well as to reduce the minimal side effects, such as swelling or bruising.

For more information about this double chin treatment, please visit WebMD.com.

Kybella is FDA approved and underwent more than 20 clinical trials involving more than 2,600 patients worldwide. It has been proven safe and effective and is a great option for people with fat under the chin who do not want to undergo an invasive treatment, such as liposuction. With a few simple injections, you can get rid of your double chin for good! Kybella is only used for treating submental fat, not loose or sagging skin. If you have sagging skin under your chin, a better option would be Ultherapy or another non-invasive skin tightening treatment.


If you have a double chin you want to eliminate and would like to try this amazing new treatment, don’t hesitate to contact the board-certified dermatologists at North Dallas Dermatology Associates! We are more than happy to discuss your goals and whether Kybella is the ideal treatment for you. To learn more about Kybella and to schedule your consultation, just call (214) 761-8524 today! The slimmer and more youthful appearance you are looking for is just a phone call away!



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