Eye Enhancement, Eye Enhancement

Eye Enhancement

Modern technological advancements have made it possible to enjoy corrective and preventative eye enhancement treatments with no downtime. North Dallas Dermatology Associates in Dallas, TX offers “lunchtime” treatments that address eye issues such as under-eye circles and crow’s feet. We also provide an array of high-quality skin, hair, and makeup product lines that include eye gel, balms, and creams to protect, enhance, and maintain the area around your eyes.

What Is Cosmetic Eye Enhancement?

When you hear the words “eye enhancement,” you may envision an invasive eye treatment followed by an extended recovery period. That is not the case. We can bring back the youthful glow around your eyes with minimally invasive and non-invasive treatment options.

Treat Dynamic Wrinkles With Botox or Dysport

The human face shows a range of emotions. It’s one of the ways we communicate with each other. Those expressions—whether a laugh, smile, or frown—can lead to laugh lines, crow’s feet, and furrowed brows. These wrinkles are because of dynamic muscle movements (the muscles that move with facial activity). Botox or Dysport injections release the contractions, significantly reducing facial lines.

Reduce Under Eye Circles With Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers

We provide fillers such as Juvederm® to treat volume loss and hollowness under the eyes. When used to treat the tear trough, the filler forms tiny pads underneath the skin and restores volume, hydrates the skin, and triggers your body to produce new collagen.

Maintain and Protect Treated Areas

Add our range of eye enhancement products to maintain or prevent common issues around the eyes. You can also use our eye products as a non-invasive treatment for minor wrinkles and under-eye problems. We offer an array of skin products to meet all your skin needs, including alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), antioxidants, bleaching agents, cleansers and toners, and exfoliation solutions. We offer reputable brands including:

  • SkinCeuticals
  • Elta
  • Biopelle
  • Revision
  • IS Clinical
  • Aha-Bha Cleansers

Could I Be a Candidate?

Most generally healthy adults may qualify as candidates. A consultation with our professionals in Dallas is essential to determine your candidacy for treatment. They will evaluate your skin and concerns and discuss your health and goals to develop your personalized treatment plan.

How Long Do Eye Enhancement Injections Last?

While treatments such as Botox injections and HA fillers improve your appearance, they are temporary and can last anywhere from three to twelve months, depending on the product and your body. Botox injections may last three to six months. As your muscle action returns, the lines and wrinkles will need to be treated again. HA fillers metabolize gradually over time, lasting up to 12 months. A series of treatments may help you achieve and maintain the best results.

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Eye Enhancement Solution

Contact North Dallas Dermatology Associates in Dallas to schedule your consultation to learn more. We take pride in providing the utmost patient quality care. Our staff of highly qualified professionals is committed to helping you look and feel your best.


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