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Dr. Mary Hurley is a board-certified dermatologist and is the President and founder of North Dallas Dermatology Associates.  She graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts, cum laude.  She then attended Tulane University Medical School and was selected in her junior year to the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society.  In 1997, she completed her internship in Internal Medicine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.  She then came to Dallas for residency training in Dermatology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

During residency, Dr. Hurley served as Chief Dermatology Resident at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. There she conducted clinical research on the efficacy of chemical peels for the treatment of melasma; a skin condition characterized by brown facial pigmentation that is particularly common among darker skin types and pregnant women (also known as “el paño” or “the mask of pregnancy”). Dr. Hurley’s research on the subject is published in the Archives of Dermatology. Dr. Hurley has served as a clinical instructor at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas.

Dr. Hurley has been selected as one of the “Best Doctors in Dallas” by D Magazine for 20 years. She was also named as an Influential Woman in Medicine by Modern Luxury Magazine in 2021. She served five years on the board of the Texas Dermatological Society and one year as Vice President (2006 – 2007).  She has also served the Dallas-Fort Worth Dermatological Society for two years as Vice President (2005 – 2007) and one year as President (2008). As of July 2015, Dr. Hurley became part of the Speakers Bureau for Kybella.


“I believe that it is important to offer my patients a non-pressure approach and to really listen to what their skin care interests are. I start off by handing my patients a mirror and discussing what they see. It is really important to me to understand their specific areas of concern because what I see may not always be what they see. I take the time to understand where my patients are currently with their skin needs and where they would like to be. My goal is to help each person look refreshed and feel good about the skin they are in. I think the art of cosmetic dermatology is to make it look like you haven’t had anything done. It is not a cookie cutter approach — you have to customize what people want based on how they view themselves, make it look proportional and the key is to make sure that they still look natural.”


Dr. Hurley started the practice in December of 2000 and it was just a little “candy shop”. The practice had just one front-desk person and one back-office person. It has since grown to offer a full comprehensive array of services from medical, cosmetic, pediatric, and surgical dermatology.


  • American Board Of Dermatology



  • Certified Allergan Botox® Trainer
  • Certified Juvederm®, Kybella® And Voluma® Trainer
  • Ultherapy® Speaker And Consultant
  • Member Of Speakers Bureau For Kybella®
  • Medical Aesthetics Committee, Forefront Dermatology, 2023


  • American Academy Of Dermatology
  • Texas Medical Association
  • Texas Dermatological Society
  • Dallas/Ft. Worth Dermatological Society
  • Dallas County Medical Society


I’m a 50-year-old guy who’s held off on ever getting any work due to the overreaching aesthetic outcomes popularized by Real Housewives shows. I did some online research and saw Dr. Hurley won the D Best Doctor award for 20 years in a row, was in the world’s top 3% of Botox injectors and, according to another reviewer, had the “hands of an angel.” Everything about the office and team inspired confidence and put me at ease, they even took me right on time – thank you! I only wanted to get rid of some forehead and frown lines, but there was no pain, so I said she could do whatever she thought would look best. Dr. Hurley was attentive and focused, moving around doing injections, while continuously stepping back to look her work from every possible angle, the way a French artist steps back to move around and look at their painting. I had never done any type of procedure before, and thought there might be some bruising or swelling, so I was surprised when Dr. Hurley held up the mirror for me to look. The result was unbelievable, as immediately obvious as the first look in the mirror after a long overdue haircut. It looked totally natural, nothing at all fake, just a well-rested and refreshed look that’s had me going back through old pictures kicking myself for not seeing Dr. Hurley sooner! It’s been a few days and I still cannot believe what I see in the mirror! I am on a lot of video calls for work and with friends, and people just make comments like … did you lose weight, or did you just get back from vacation or something? Thank you Dr. Hurley and the amazing North Dallas Dermatology team!

Per the usual, Dr. Hurley is the ideal blend of kindness and professionalism. More importantly, though, she is concerned, conscientious and proactive about my health. And she is absolutely brilliant where aesthetics are concerned. She’s as conservative as the patient will allow, creating an aesthetically beautiful, natural look. I’ve been a patient for more than 10 years, love her work and trust her totally, both with my health and with aesthetics. Mary Hurley is worth her weight in gold! – Kristina M

“I have lived in San Francisco, New York, Mexico City and now Dallas, Dr. Hurley is by far the best dermatologist I have encountered. Her excellent skills and ability to improve overall skin appearance has surpassed all my expectations. She has hands like an angel! I highly recommend her and her practice.” – Lucero M

“Dr Hurley is an artist, she and her staff went above and beyond the normal procedure to make sure i get the results i’m looking for. I am so grateful for her kindness and skills. I’m very happy with my facial contouring of the cheek area and lips. I chose Voluma on my cheeks and Juvederm on my lips, upon recommendation of Dr. Hurley and her awesome staff. I couldn’t be happier with my outcome, i feel so young looking and my confidence level is sky high. Dr Hurley is a true perfectionist and highly skilled Dermatologist. My face looks so natural with the fillers no bruising, just perfection. I could not and would not trust my face to anyone else. Dr Hurley and the staff and North Dallas Dermatology are the best in Dallas by far.Look no where else, this is the ultimate stop for your beauty needs. Her staff.. I can’t say enough nice things about them. took care of me from the start literally. She gives you her opinion and expertise, she also stays true to her world and treats you like your are her only patient from day one. She takes her time and gets excited for you as though she can feel your joy of being recreated to the person you have always wanted to see in the mirror. I highly recommend North Dallas Dermatology to anyone. They are are truly the best. Thank you all” – Jennifer T.

“Managing chronic migraines for over two decades – atrophy on the left side of my face developed. Seeking a solution to regain symmetry I initially had a brow lift hoping to regain symmetry in my facial features – the brow lift helped though my left side still wasn’t achieving symmetry with my right side. During a visit with Dr. Hurley I shared my dilemma and a course of Sculptra was recommended as a solution due to its ability to work subtly and over a period time with longer lasting results. Also with Sculptra’s gradual build up Dr. Hurley was able to create a more natural look over a period of time –having friends ask me if I’d recently lost weight, changed my hair, stating overall I looked great – just not being able to put a finger on why.” – Susan 

“Dr. Hurley’s expertise with filler and Botox produce the most natural results that I have experienced. I am very grateful for her skill and caring and give her my highest recommendation.” – TLR

“I can’t say enough about the rejuvenating and yet very natural looking results I get from Dr.Hurley. Recently I tried some injectables. . . This was like an instant miracle; at last I’m looking refreshed and lively again, the way I feel. The combination of both (Botox and filler) resulted in “instant” improvement, very subtly adding volume where I was looking drawn and minimizing the deeper lines. And most surprising was that the puffy bags and dark circles constantly under my eyes no longer stood out. I don’t know if it changed the way the light affected it or if it somehow actually minimized them. Regardless, I really don’t care because I don’t notice them anymore and that’s huge. I simply can’t say enough about how excited I am that Dr. Hurley’s office was able to pull off a significant minor miracle for me. I’ve always had a rather harsh look when I’m not smiling, even though that’s not how I felt or acted. But now, without knowing what I’ve had done, recently someone told me that’s not the case anymore.” – H.H.

“Dr. Hurley showed incredible skill and her care as her patient! I have had several treatments including Botox, filler, laser and thread treatments and the results have been amazing but yet natural looking! As a man who had never had any dermatology procedures done before it was very new for my face to be injected and worked on but Dr. Hurley and her staff took me through each step with quality explanations of the procedures, proper numbing in advance to minimize discomfort, and great follow up after the procedures were done. Watching the way Dr. Hurley and her staff work together was inspirational, they truly could sense from each other what was needed next for the patient. I highly recommend Dr. Hurley and NDDA for getting the best looking natural face with quality care whether you are a man or woman!” – David

For more information on Dr’s Hurley’s experience with injectables and liquid face lift procedures, please click here.


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