Stretch Mark Treatment

Stretch marks are red and white linear streaks that occur from tears in collagen and elastin tissue due to excessive or rapid stretching of the skin.

What Are Stretch Marks?

Most commonly they result from pregnancy, rapid changes in growth or weight, and/or weight lifting.

What Options Are Available To Treat Them?

NDDA has several treatment options for stretch marks: Striae® Stretch Mark Crème and Intense Pulsed Light treatments. In addition, Retin A cream and/or alpha-hydroxy acids may also be incorporated into your treatment regimen.

How Do They Work?

IPL treatments use a specific wavelength of light to fade the reddish discoloration of stretch marks and also help to stimulate collagen to plump the skin. A series of skin tightening treatments can dramatically improve the appearance and texture of red stretch marks.

What Types Of Stretch Marks Do They Treat?

The crème works on all types of stretch marks. However, it is most effective on newer ones. Stretch marks older than seven years are often more resistant and need longer usage time before seeing results.

IPL treatments work best on new pink or red stretch marks. They can also be used for brown or pigmented scars. They do not work well on old, white stretch marks.

Will My Stretch Marks Disappear Completely?

No. Stretch marks are like small scars in the skin and cannot be completely removed. Treatments, however, can cause them to smooth out and fade and can help prevent future scarring.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

With the crème, initial results may be visible after 4 – 6 weeks. The crème will continue to improve stretch marks with extended use.

Depending on the extent of the stretch marks, IPL treatments can improve the appearance of stretch marks typically after a series of four to six treatments.

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