What Happens During a CoolSculpting Treatment?


Would you believe us if we told you that there is a safe, comfortable, and scientifically proven way to remove fat in one hour? It’s true, and we have it. Now you can radically transform your body during a lunch break with CoolSculpting. At North Dallas Dermatology Associates in Dallas, TX, we are delighted to present this life-changing treatment to our patients.

What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is an advanced non-surgical and non-invasive body contouring treatment that removes hard-to-lose fat with Harvard-developed freezing technology. This FDA-approved treatment sculpts the physique to create stunningly slim and fit silhouettes without pain, scarring, or downtime.

Diet and exercise can’t give everybody the body they want. If you work out and eat nutritious, well-balanced meals but still struggle to achieve a curvaceous form or toned muscles, you might be dealing with subcutaneous (stubborn) fat pockets. If you can relate, you’re in good company: lifestyle alone rarely delivers the ideal body.

DNA Decides

Despite what celebrities might lead you to believe, a toned body doesn’t come naturally for most people. The genes passed down by your parents play the most significant role in what shape you’ll take. People are either born with it or use body sculpting treatments to achieve the look they want.

The Perfect Body Already Lives Within You

We all want our bodies to reflect the hard work we put into it, and it’s discouraging when it doesn’t. If you clock endless hours at the gym and monitor your eating, you might feel like nothing is ever enough to reach your goals. The good news is you have options, and we are trained to deliver the best results.

Often, the only thing standing between you and the body you want is stubborn fat pockets. Your toned muscles are just waiting for you to bring them out from hiding. Muscles cushioned by fat aren’t visible through the skin but are still there. Removing layers of fat reveal your firm and cut body underneath.

Divide-and-Conquer Fat Cells

Fat cells are static in adulthood because the body stops producing them around age 18. Gaining or losing weight causes these cells to expand or contract, but the number remains the same. People who had fewer fat cells at age 18 have less potential for stubborn fat pockets, but all is not lost for those not in this position.

CoolSculpting treatment challenges the notion that you must endure the number of fat cells present in your body. It eliminates those tough-to-lose fat deposits in a safe, fast, and discreet way to provide long-lasting, natural-looking results.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

This treatment uses cryolipolysis or fat-freezing technology. Researchers at Harvard learned that cooling fat cells to temperatures slightly above freezing kills them without harming the surrounding cells and tissues. From this discovery, they created this revolutionary localized body sculpting treatment.

This treatment uses a patented device to deliver the precise temperatures needed to remove the fat lurking underneath the skin. Frigid temperatures penetrate these fat cells to crystallize and kill them. The cooling energy doesn’t impact the skin or tissues around these fat pockets, which makes it a safe and gentle treatment solution. You can use this treatment to remove up to 25% of fat per session from nearly any region of the body, including:

  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Back (upper and lower)
  • Bra line
  • Buttocks
  • Chest
  • Chin
  • Flanks
  • Knees
  • Thighs (inner and outer)
  • Underneath the buttocks
  • And more

If you want to fight fat in a region not listed above, this treatment may be able to help. Schedule a consultation with our experts at North Dallas Dermatology Associates to learn more about where on the body you can use this treatment.

Where Does Fat Go After Treatment?

After the fast and comfortable treatment, the body uses its natural process of cell elimination to get rid of the fat targeted during treatment. Cells die in the body every day, so this process is something the body has a lot of experience with.

This process of natural cell elimination is one of the biggest perks of using the treatment. You receive the most natural transformation imaginable. Your new, toned, and slim body reveals itself to you and others over the course of a few months.

What Are the Benefits of This Treatment?

It’s exciting to find new treatment solutions for the most common concerns we all share. Our clients rave about the life-changing benefits of using this extraordinary fat-freezing technology. Below we look at what makes cryolipolysis one of the most popular treatments in the country.

Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive

You can remove fat without the risks of surgery. In the past, body contouring options were limited. When people wanted to rid the body of fat, they’d have to choose a surgical procedure like liposuction to enjoy results. Fortunately, we live in modern times where technology has caught up to our most pressing needs.

This treatment offers all the benefits of liposuction without the risks. You never have to worry about scars, infections, anesthesia allergies, or wound healing when using this treatment because no incisions are made. You walk away from a treatment session with no visible evidence that you received treatment.

Painless Fat Removal

Forget that outdated, no pain, no gain strategy; with this treatment, you can gain everything you want comfortably. We maximize all the potential for your treatment to feel as relaxing and soothing as possible. The device used in this treatment does the same. Many of our patients use their appointment as an overdue opportunity to take a nap. You’ll feel so relaxed during your treatment with this technology that you’ll forget it’s even happening.

Total Body Metamorphosis

Removing a little fat goes a long way. Stubborn fat is deceptive. Many patients are pleasantly surprised by how much the overall appearance of the body can change by removing a relatively small amount of fat.

Some clients gain a six-pack they never knew was there. Other clients discover their dream curves only by getting obstructive fat pockets out of the way. We’ve even helped patients enhance their facial profile by applying this technique to the chin in the most strategic ways. No matter what your body goals are, this treatment can help.


You’re in good hands. The FDA approved this treatment after stringent testing to ensure your safety. Since 2010, this body sculpting treatment has brought exceptional results to millions of satisfied patients all over the world. Our highly skilled and professionally trained staff takes your safety a step further. We offer you the best service in the Dallas, TX area through our experience, expertise, and commitment to patient care.

Suitable for Everyone

This treatment could work for you. We treat a variety of patients at North Dallas Dermatology Associates. People of all genders can all reap the benefits of this groundbreaking fat elimination technology. If you are tired of not seeing the results from your healthy and active lifestyle, this treatment could be right for you.

Short Treatment Times

The body you want is one hour away. When you add up all the time you’ve spent on looking and feeling good, one hour is nothing. Although treatment times depend on where you’re receiving treatment, many sessions take under an hour to complete. Many of our patients disclose that if they knew it was this easy to, they would have come in for treatment much sooner.

No Break From Your Routine

Your time is valuable, and this treatment won’t rob it from you. The inability to schedule downtime is often the number one thing preventing people from getting the treatment they need. It can take several weeks to recover after an operation. With fat-freezing, you don’t have to take a break at all.

After your session, you will feel more than ready to return to your busy lifestyle. Many of our patients walk away from their appointments feeling better than they did before. Taking empowered action toward self-improvement has that way of uplifting the spirit.

Discreet and Confidential

No one has to know you’ve got the treatment done if you don’t want them to. We value your privacy at North Dallas Dermatology Associates and do everything imaginable to keep your treatment confidential. Choosing this private treatment takes it up a notch. No one will guess that you received treatment because there isn’t an overnight change. Your body eliminates fat over time, which gives the most natural transition.

After your appointment, you are free to drive yourself. Your secret’s safe with us. Unless you tell, no one will know that you received this treatment.

Low Maintenance

You’re good to go. Unlike with other treatments and procedures, you won’t need to come back in for a follow-up after your appointment. Your results get better with time, and you’ll ease into your new gorgeous physique. If you like what you see, your journey with cryolipolysis might end after just one appointment. That said, many of our patients are so happy with the initial results that they return to treat other areas of the body.

Long-Lasting Results

Fat cells will never return after treatment. Remember, the production of fat cells stops around early adulthood. Removing the potential for fat through this treatment has life-long benefits. All the treatment-targeted cells never return to your body. Remaining fat cells may expand or contract, but you’ll have fewer of them to contend with.

Backed by Science

Treatment results are scientifically substantiated. Seventy-five published papers and 5,000 study patients can’t be wrong when they conclude that this treatment works. Careful studies into this technology reveal time and time again that if you use this treatment, you will notice positive results.

CoolSculpting Treatment

Your treatment takes place at our state-of-the-art facility in Wesley Chapel, FL. We ask that you please arrive at your appointment 15 minutes early to make yourself comfortable and handle any outstanding paperwork before treatment.

We escort you to a private treatment room and help you make yourself comfortable. We first prepare the treatment area and then apply the fat-freezing device. Then you spend your time relaxing. You may read, check email, listen to music, or take a nap.

Once the technology has worked its magic, we may massage the treatment area to break up the crystallized cells. That’s it! You are free to return to work or your routine directly after treatment.

When Will I See Results?

Results from this treatment will sneak up on you in all the best ways. Because this treatment works with the body’s natural elimination system, it takes some time to see results. You will probably start seeing changes to the target region within one month after your appointment. After three months, your new stunning body takes full effect.

Patients looking for natural-looking results love this treatment because it takes as much time as it might in the gym. This means that everyone will notice the changes, but they won’t suspect treatment got you there.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The number of sessions you receive is entirely up to you. Many patients find that one treatment is enough to reach their aesthetic goals. However, you can always return to us for more sessions if you choose.

If you aren’t sure how to best achieve your desired look, our providers are masters of body-contouring and can help you. We can guide you by identifying which areas could most benefit from treatment to improve the appearance of your shape overall. To find out how many sessions would deliver you the results you crave, schedule a consultation with us.

Do You Offer Financing?

Yes. At North Dallas Dermatology Associates, we are proud to serve our Dallas, TX area clientele and believe your budget restraints shouldn’t stand in the way of getting the treatment you deserve. We offer financing through Care Credit, a third-party financial institution that can give you a line of credit for treatment. They offer convenient monthly payment options to assist you.

Am I a Candidate?

Anyone who is battling stubborn fat deposits could be a candidate for this treatment. It has already helped millions of people, and it could help you too. The only way to know for sure is to schedule a consultation with us. We must meet with you in-person to know for sure if this treatment is right for you.

Meet Our Providers

Our providers have served the Dallas, TX area for years. Patient health and wellbeing is a top priority. We always aim to come up with personalized treatment plans in order to address every patient’s wants and needs.

Are you ready to learn more about the world-class treatment millions of people all over the world have used to achieve a more, sculpted body? One relaxing treatment could permanently improve your life. Contact us today at North Dallas Dermatology Associates in Dallas, TX to schedule your CoolSculpting consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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