The Survey results are in! Your 2018 Beauty Wish List

Just in time for the new year, we’ve rounded up your top beauty concerns – and strategies. According to NDDA’s own Wishlist Wednesday survey, here’s the lowdown on your 2018 beauty goals . . .
Newsflash: Reducing fine lines and wrinkles is everyone’s top priority.
It may not come as a big surprise to anyone who regularly sees a dermatologist, but reducing fine lines and wrinkles beat out other goals across the board like managing acne, getting a big service like body contouring, or establishing a long-term skincare plan. NDDA’s patients wanted to get serious about anti-aging in a big way. And while many of the more mundane, daily treatment plans help establish a baseline of good skin, NDDA’s patients were focused on anti-aging interventions like injectables and laser treatments.
The Baby Boomers: Beauty Trailblazers
Armed with half a lifetime of experience, and one of the first generations to have full access to the best science and medicine can offer, this group’s motto could be “give me what works.” The baby boomers were the only group in the NDDA survey who ranked “overall tightening and lifting” above other goals, indicating that they are well-aware of the mileage non-surgical techniques can win them. This group is staying younger than ever, and they’re not afraid to use all the tools available to accomplish that goal!
Generation X: The Product Primadonnas
Don’t know the difference between your serum and your moisturizer? Ask one of NDDA’s Gen Xers. As the age group most willing to experiment with skincare, they know how to use anti-aging serums and products to get the best results. While this group cared most about reducing fine lines and wrinkles in any way possible, including through cosmetic procedures, they were also savvy about using products to get the most bang for their skincare buck.
Millennials: Meet Me in the Spa
After reducing lines and wrinkles, and paying attention to their products, millennials were NDDA’s most spa-happy group. They prioritized any product or service that can reduce pore size and smooth uneven skin tone and texture. And they may be onto something: according to a research paper published in Evolution and Human Behavior, uneven skin tone and texture can add as many as 12 years to people’s perception of age.
Curious about how other skincare strategies stack up? Check out this Wall Street Journal story about the changing acceptance of skincare investment and how four different women approach their goals.


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