Meet Micropigmentation: The New Way to Get the Hairline You’ve Always Wanted

As anyone who has a thinning hairline can attest, the way your hair frames your face can be one of the biggest defining factors in the way you look. A sparse hairline can cause a lot of stress, and the worst thing you can do is stress about the hair loss.
If you feel like your hairline is too sparse, or just want the look of fuller hair, a relatively new process – called scalp micropigmentation – might be the answer. By filling in bald areas that frame the face, it can help women get the hairline they’ve always wanted. It’s also great for men who have hair loss, but don’t want to go completely with the clean-shaven look, or anyone who wants to fill in bald patches caused by scars and chronic alopecia.
Scalp micropigmentation, like most of the newest procedures for great skin, is one of the biggest services right now in beauty-obsessed South Korea, and, increasingly, in the U.S., where K-beauty devotees see it as the best way to frame their face without having to depend on a haircut, or mess with contouring makeup.
And even Texas guys are getting in on the act. According to a Houston ABC News report, the service has seen a rise in popularity for men looking to fill in a receding hair line without a lot of extra work.
Here’s what it is and how it works . . .
The Technique
If you’ve heard micropigmentation described as “scalp tattooing,” the concept is the same –as far a technique and artistry are concerned. But that’s where the similarities end. Micropigmentation is an extremely detailed process that involves an experienced artist creating something of a trompe l’œil effect by using a special microblading pen to draw individual hair follicles one by one, mimicking the texture of real hair.
It’s Not Permanent
Scalp micropigmentation results can last up to sixteen years with touchups. It’s important to go to a technician who is certified and trained in this specialty and provides close attention to the detail and design that is custom tailored to meet your needs. This procedure shouldn’t be rushed. The average time commitment is several hours depending on the size of the area being treated. A treatment is considered complete after three sessions.
It’s Non-toxic
Micropigmentation uses a non-toxic carbon-based ink which allows it to keep its color. Unlike regular tattoo ink, it won’t blur or change its hue over time.
No Downtime
Results are instant.  After each treatment you should avoid direct sunlight, swimming, skincare products, and makeup around the area for at least 10 days. You can throw out all that contouring makeup and scalp filling powder and start enjoying a more youthful look right away.
Call us today for your complimentary consultation, if you’re interested in learning more about Scalp Micropigmentation and/or Microblading.

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