CoolSculpting + Kybella: Banish the Neck Bulge

Google “double chin” or “neck fat” and you’ll find yourself staring at dozens of home remedy videos promising easy exercises to tone up a bulky neck. If a turkey-neck is sending you running for a turtleneck or scarf read on….
In fact, neck fat, what dermatologists call submental fullness, is one of the most common – and complained about – problems for patients. And that’s because the excess fat hiding out under your chin has very little to do with whether you’re overweight, and more to do with genetics and the aging process.
“Double chins and neck fullness aren’t necessarily hallmarks of being overweight,” said NDDA physician Mary Hurley. “It is one area that doesn’t respond as well as others to diet and exercise. Sometimes that’s genetics at play and sometimes it’s part of the natural aging process.”
Regardless, while no amount of chin exercises or camouflaging will hide that extra pocket of fat that’s tacking the years (and pounds) onto your appearance, the options for targeting and permanently removing it are better than ever.
Here, NDDA’s Dr. Hurley sounds off on her favorite treatment for rejuvenating the neck . . .
For patients with moderate amounts of fullness, treating the area with an injectable called Kybella can often do the trick. But for bulkier necks, a more customized approach that involves using CoolSculpting first to debulk the area and then Kybella afterward to fine tune any areas if needed.
“When used together, Kybella and CoolSculpting really give us incredible results,” said Dr. Hurley. “We use the CoolMini, a special CoolSculpting applicator for smaller, more targeted treatments to debulk fullness in patients with stubborn fat pockets. Then, Kybella is the perfect tool for smoothing and contouring the neck and chin area.”
Both treatments are FDA approved to target unwanted fat cells, which are then absorbed by the body.
CoolSculpting CoolMini
CoolSculpting, the technology that gets rid of unwanted fat pockets by freezing fat cells has become a standby contouring tool in recent years. But recently, with the addition of the CoolMini applicator two years ago, the technology has opened the door to more targeted uses, like the neck and even other areas such as above the knees, under the arm and bra fat.
Kybella, also a standby for sculpting the neck area, is an injectable that relies on deoxycholic acid, a fat-zapping molecule naturally produced by our own bodies, to kill fat cells.
“For patients who really want to see results, but are not interested in surgical intervention using Kybella and, or, the Cool Mini is very effective,” said Dr. Hurley.  Most patients require two treatments of the CoolMini spaced six to eight weeks apart. And Kybella is done as a series of three to four treatments spaced six weeks apart.  Both treatments are less than 30 minutes.
Both the CoolSculpting CoolMini and Kybella injectable involve minimal downtime and treatment appointments are less than 30 minutes.
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