Cleansers, Decoded: Your Basic Face Wash Guide

Read enough beauty blogs and you’ll quickly accumulate a mountain of (sometimes conflicting) expert advice on how, when and with what to wash your face. While only your dermatologist can craft a truly tailored skin care regime, there are a few standby rules everyone should follow . . .
Always take off your makeup first.
Removing makeup is not the same as washing your face! It may be tempting to suds up once and let your face wash do the heavy lifting, but your cleanser is designed to keep your skin balanced and clear, and calm sensitivities. Use a traditional makeup remover, cleansing water or wipes first to “take off the day,” before you use your face wash.
Don’t go to bed without washing your face.
It’s age-old advice, but this is one universal good-skin habit everyone should heed. Your skin heals and renews itself while you sleep, and it needs to be clean and free of the layers of makeup, products, and grime we accumulate during the day. Use your fingers or a sonic cleansing tool to gently massage your face wash into your skin with lukewarm water. The whole process should last at least 30 seconds.
Pat dry (don’t rub!)
Try to avoid physically stressing your skin whenever possible. That means you should be careful to never use water that’s too hot or rub your skin with unnecessary force. Gently pat dry with a clean towel. And if you’re using an exfoliating cleanser, make sure it’s not too harsh or abrasive for your skin type. NDDA doctors typically recommend using an exfoliating cleanser only once a day, and a gentle cleanser for the other wash.

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