Ready for a Wax-free Summer? Try Laser Hair Reduction

Hair removal is serious business. As in, there are a serious number of options to tackle it. Anyone who has ever taken their unwanted body hair to task is familiar with the seemingly endless options: waxing services for every shape, size, and pain threshold, threading for facial hair, and rows of supermarket razors. Add to that the many specialty skin care products you’ll need to deal with razor burn, clogged hair follicles (after waxing), or general skin irritation, and hair removal starts to look like a long-term investment.
It’s time to remove not just the hair, but the cost that comes with it, from your life for good! Laser hair reduction treatments were one of the first cosmetic dermatology services to appear. That means that these days, treatments are faster, more effective and more affordable than ever. This month, we’ve put together your essential guide to laser hair removal…
How does it work?
Laser hair treatments work by using targeted heat to kill the hair follicle. The laser delivers that heat to the skin, where hair follicles in an active growth cycle absorb it, destroying the follicle and preventing hair from re-growing. Not only does it treat the hairs, but it can also treat the bumps associated with shaving (“razor bumps”).
Is it permanent?
Hair growth is cyclical, and not every hair in a general area will be growing on the same cycle. That’s why multiple treatments are necessary over time to target the active growing hair follicles. Future touch ups may be needed after the initial series of treatments to maintain the correction.
Can I get it anywhere?
Absolutely! Thanks to the precision of the lasers available, the whole bikini area, underarms, legs and, yes, guys – the back and chest areas – are fair game. All skin types can be treated.
When should I do it?
Skin will be more sensitive immediately after a laser treatment, and it will take close to a year to complete the recommended seven to nine sessions.
To schedule your laser hair reduction treatments, contact North Dallas Dermatology Associates!

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