Are You Using the Right Moisturizer?

Plunging temperatures and windy days can wreak havoc on unprepared skin. Here at NDDA, it’s not uncommon to see a lot of dry, patchy, skin once winter sets in. Aside from the general irritation cold weather can bring, the daily routine of putting on and taking off makeup can lead to extra dry skin when retaining moisture matters the most.
The right kind of moisturizer can make the difference between ultra-smooth, minimal makeup and irritated, inflamed skin. Follow these tips to reduce redness and lock in moisture.
1. Pay attention to application
It’s easy just to slap on the moisturizer when you’re trying to get out the door, but taking the time to really work your product into your skin is worth it. Walk backstage at any New York fashion show in the dead of winter, and you’ll see makeup artists massaging moisturizer into model’s faces. It’s the common denominator for the smooth, radiant looks that grace the runways. Using the pads of your fingers, massage your moisturizer in a circular motion until it disappears into your skin.
2. Choose the right product
Not all moisturizers are created equal, and there are different products for different needs. Most facial moisturizers are lipid-based, and they fall into two main categories. Humectant moisturizers work by drawing water to the top of the skin from the inner dermis while occlusive moisturizers form a barrier on top of the skin and lock in moisture by preventing it from escaping the skin’s outermost layer. You may need just one or both kinds of moisturizers to get the best results. NDDA’s experienced staff members can help you decide what products are best for your skin this winter.
For the right skin types, proper exfoliation with a Clarisonic device, exfoliating cleanser or a microdermabrasion may enhance the penetration of your skin care products.
3. Prep your skin for the best nighttime recovery
When skin dries out, it is more prone to forming wrinkles and losing elasticity, and those hours between when you take your makeup off for the night and sip coffee in the morning represent the peak time of cellular renewal. Keep your face from drying out overnight by choosing the right kind of overnight moisturizer, and never go to sleep without it.
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