Voluma: A patient experience

1. Why did you want to try Voluma?
As you get older your face gets drawn and hollow and you lose a lot of volume. Dr. Hurley had mentioned it at my last visit and I have been going through cancer and the wear and tear is reflected on my face. I have been spending a lot of money on my body and with the cost of chemo, I couldn’t afford Voluma. Dr. Hurley called me back in and offered it to me free of charge.
2. What results were you hoping for?
I was hoping that it would fill in the hollow areas of my face. I was really afraid that it would make my face look round and fat, and it absolutely doesn’t. I had cheeks before, but it filled in my face. My friends told me I look beautiful and they noticed a positive change. My friends were asking me all about it and want to get it done too! When I put on makeup I no longer feel sunken in… I feel prettier. I love the difference it made.
3. Did you experience any bruising or pain?
I had no pain and I was surprised that I didn’t experience any bruising.
4. When did you see results?
Every single day I have seen results. I saw immediate results the first few days and after the first week, I saw a noticeable difference. The day after I had my treatment, I could see that it was working wonderfully.
5. Would you recommend it?
My full trust is in Taylor and Dr. Hurley. I really compare it to having a face lift. I look incredible and I’ve told everyone about it. I love that my sister commented on my change. She said that I look gorgeous. It makes me really happy and I could really use that right now. I would highly recommend it.
Pictured and testimonial given by Jerilynn Haney.

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