How Many Treatments Are Needed for CoolSculpting to Reduce Fat?

body contouring coolsculpting 16 1

body contouring coolsculpting 16 1

Losing unwanted fat can be a very challenging endeavor. You can cut out snacks and spend hours at the gym, and while these efforts can help you lose weight generally, they may not be successful in helping you sculpt the contours you’re looking for. If you’re struggling to reduce fat, don’t worry. At North Dallas Dermatology Associates in Dallas, Texas, we can address this issue with CoolSculpting.

How Many Treatments Are Needed for CoolSculpting to Reduce Fat?

CoolSculpting is an innovative cooling technology developed by scientists at Harvard University. This FDA-approved body sculpting treatment can reduce your unwanted fat in a non-invasive manner. This is a customized technique, so the number of treatments that you receive will be tailored to fit the condition of your body, the number of areas that you are treating, and your cosmetic goals and objectives.

This treatment is very effective, and a single session can significantly reduce the fat in your target area. If you want to remove a small amount of fat in one location on your body, you might achieve this goal after you receive one treatment. That said, it’s also common to receive multiple treatments if you want to remove larger amounts of fat from multiple places on your body.

Before you begin your treatment, we will examine your body and talk about your goals and preferences. At this point, we will give you more details about the anticipated length of your treatment schedule.

What Types of Fat Can This Treatment Target?

We can treat pockets of unwanted fat in many different locations on your body. For instance, we can use our cooling device on your abdomen, back, arms, and flanks. We can also target unwanted fat on your inner thighs.

Will This Treatment Help Me Lose Weight?

Many people think that this cooling technology is a weight loss solution, but this is not correct. Instead of helping you lose weight, this treatment removes fat cells from targeted locations on your body. There are some significant differences between fat reduction and weight loss.

Weight Loss

Your body contains a unique number of fat cells. This number is mostly determined by the time you reach adulthood. When you lose weight with a diet or exercise program, your total number of fat cells will not change. Instead, your existing fat cells will shrink. As your fat cells decrease in size, your body will become slimmer.

Since your number of fat cells does not change, it is easy to regain the weight that you lost. If you stop following your diet or exercise program, your fat cells will increase in size and you will gain weight.

Fat Reduction

This cooling technique does not change the size of your fat cells. Instead of shrinking your fat cells, this treatment will cause many of the fat cells in your target area to crystallize and die. Once your fat cells die, your body will remove them from your target area. As a result, this treatment can permanently change your body.

How Does This Treatment Reduce My Unwanted Fat?

During your treatment, we will use a specialized process to gently lower the temperature of your treatment area. This process is called cryolipolysis. Your fat cells will freeze at a higher temperature than the other cells in your body. As a result, this treatment will crystallize your fat cells without harming your other tissues.

Freezing your fat cells will cause them to die. In the weeks and months after your appointment is complete, your body will metabolize these dead cells and remove them from your treatment area. Over time, your targeted features will become slimmer and more contoured.

What Should I Expect During My Appointment?

We will perform your treatment in our comfortable office in Dallas. You should wear loose clothing to your appointment and eat a light meal before you arrive at our office.

We will begin your sculpting session by putting the cooling device on your target area. Your unwanted fat will be pulled up and placed between two cooling panels. You may feel a slight pulling sensation as this task is accomplished.

Once your tissues are in position, the panels on the device will lower the temperature of your fat cells. Each target area will take about an hour to treat. If you are targeting multiple locations on your body, your appointment is likely to take several hours. The cooling process is very comfortable, and you can listen to music, read a book, or simply relax during this time.

How Long Will My Recovery Period Be?

This treatment is completely non-invasive, and you will not receive any injections or incisions during your appointment. You also don’t need to use general anesthesia. As a result, you can return to your usual schedule right away. You will not need to take a break from your job, exercise routine, or other activities.

How Long Does This Treatment Take to Change My Body?

Since your body takes some time to flush out your frozen fat cells, you will not see a change in your appearance immediately. Instead, you may start to see improvements after about three weeks. You will notice larger changes after two to three months. You should see the full effect of this cooling treatment after about four to six months.

Please let us know if you would like to improve your body by a certain date. For instance, you might use this treatment to enhance your body before your wedding day, honeymoon, or another significant life event. We can design a treatment schedule that will allow you to achieve a new look by your desired date.

How Long Will My Results Last?

Since this treatment permanently removes fat cells from your target area, it can change your body in a lasting manner. As a result, you should not need maintenance sessions once your initial treatment plan is complete.

That said, it’s important to understand that this treatment cannot stop you from gaining weight in the future. To preserve your new look, you should eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Can Men Use This Treatment?

This cooling technology works on men and women, and many men have successfully used this treatment to sculpt their bodies. In fact, this technique is an excellent way for a man to contour and sculpt specific features on his body.

Will My Results Look Natural?

This contouring technique will change your body in a natural-looking manner. Rather than experiencing a sudden improvement in your appearance, your body will flush out your dead fat cells over a period of several months. These gradual changes will appear to be the result of a new diet or exercise program. People will not realize that you used a cosmetic treatment to improve your body.

Does This Treatment Really Work?

There are numerous scientific studies that demonstrate this treatment’s ability to reduce unwanted fat in a non-invasive manner. In fact, clinical studies have shown that this treatment can reduce fat in a targeted location by about 20-30%. Further, 79% of people in the study said that their clothes fit better after they used this body contouring method.

In another study, 86% of people had noticeable improvements in their flanks, abdomens, or backs after they received cooling treatments. The majority of the people in this study said that they would recommend this treatment to a friend.

Is This Treatment Safe?

This is a well-studied, proven technique that people have been using to enhance their bodies for many years. The FDA approved this treatment after scientific evidence showed that this technique can reduce fat in a safe manner.

In addition, there are more than a hundred peer-reviewed publications about this technique, and healthcare professionals have performed more than seven million of these treatments.

Am I Eligible to Receive This Treatment?

Although this technique can contour and sculpt your body, this is not a weight-loss treatment. Accordingly, you should be within twenty to thirty pounds of your optimal weight to use this treatment. You should also have stubborn pockets of fat that you haven’t been able to reduce on your own.

Certain medical issues can preclude you from using this body contouring method. During your initial consultation, you should tell us about any health conditions that you have, including any allergies or sensitivities. You should also tell us about any conditions that affect how your body reacts to cold temperatures.

What Are the Differences Between This Treatment and Other Body Contouring Methods?

At North Dallas Dermatology Associates, we offer many different body contouring treatments. Each of these treatments uses a unique technique to sculpt your body.

Selecting a Treatment

Your ideal treatment will depend on your cosmetic goals, your health, and the condition of your body. For example, if you would like to fix your cellulite and unwanted fat, you are likely to benefit from receiving TriPollar Apollo. If you are solely focused on reducing your unwanted fat, you might prefer to use CoolSculpting.

During your initial consultation, we will give you in-depth descriptions of our full range of body contouring options. We will help you select a method that will allow you to achieve your aesthetic objectives.

Sculpt Your Body

CoolSculpting is a fantastic way to enhance your appearance. This cosmetic treatment will remove unwanted fat cells from your body in a gentle, non-invasive manner. To learn more about this body sculpting technique, contact us at North Dallas Dermatology Associates in Dallas, Texas for an initial consultation today.

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