The Summer Manscape

Men are increasingly inquiring about procedures to help them look as young as they feel.  Many want to look as youthful and vivacious as younger colleagues at work to keep a competitive and confident edge.  Others realize that crunches don’t crush love handles and they would love to get their Zac Efron abs back. Here are a few of NDDA’s favorite procedures to show dad a little bromance over summer.

  1. Brotox with Botox! Botox injections work as well for men as they do for women.  We inject strategically to smooth wrinkles while maintaining a masculine look.  No down time is a huge plus!
  2. Fill him in. Men can’t stand the dark circles under their eyes as much as women, but they have no idea that fillers can help correct this issue.  Treating the tear troughs, aka the shadowed dark circles under the eyes, with Restylane is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for men.  Friends will think he is getting more sleep, no questions asked.  This area can bruise, so plan accordingly.
  3. Ice him. No, not with Smirnoff like back in the college days.  Treat him to CoolSculpting, the noninvasive fat freezing treatment that permanently eliminates fat from the neck to the knees.  2 treatments in 2 months will do more for the stubborn fat pockets than 2 years of Peloton or Cross Fit.


The man in your life deserves to learn the secrets that the women in his life have known for years. He will be relieved to know that manscaping means more than a painful full body wax, and NDDA has plenty of options to keep him looking and feeling his best over the hotter months!

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