Ask a NDDA Patient: From Harsh-Looking to Happy

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shutterstock_276083945Getting a new procedure or trying something for the first time can be harrowing. Here, an NDDA patient talks about what to expect from a liquid facelift . . .

“I’ve tried other facial treatments that I saw had worked for others but I wasn’t so fortunate and was giving up hope on anything working for me.  I’m ok with aging gracefully, but I’m very active and energetic and expect to be for decades. My look was giving a different impression. Recently I tried [a liquid facelift] administered by Dr. Hurley.   This was like an instant miracle. At last I’m looking refreshed and lively again, the way I feel.”

-Helen, NDDA patient

Step 1

We started with Botox – for my crow’s feet, between the brows, a bit in the middle of the brow and a bit at a couple of the very strong bands in my neck. What an amazing transformation in that alone!  I’ve had Botox previously elsewhere and although that was done very well, the result I had in the crow’s feet area caused bunching below the eye.

With Dr. Hurley’s approach that didn’t occur, it was perfect.  Previously looking extremely tired all the time because of saggy lids, I was stunned at how a single small injection of Botox at the brow actually raised the brow and made me look fresh and energetic again.  Finally I look more like I feel.  I would never have imagined something so simple could make such a difference.   And now with the relaxed neck bands as well, I don’t look as harsh as I did but rather more relaxed and friendly.

Step 2

This was a combination of Voluma – to add some volume to the sunken cheek area – and Juvederm Ultra Plus around the mouth and chin.  The combination of both again resulted in “instant” improvement, very subtly adding volume where I was looking drawn and minimizing the deeper lines.

And most surprising was that the puffy bags and dark circles constantly under my eyes no longer stood out.  I don’t know if it changed the way the light affected it or if it somehow actually minimized them.  Regardless, I really don’t care because I don’t notice them anymore and that’s huge.

I simply can’t say enough about how excited I am that Dr. Hurley’s office was able to pull off a significant minor miracle for me.  I’ve always had a rather harsh look when I’m not smiling, even though that’s not how I felt or acted.  But now, without knowing what I’ve had done, recently someone told me that’s not the case anymore!

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