Behind the Buzz: Laser Rejuvenation for Women

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These days, it seems there’s no problem the right kind of laser can’t solve. And while having a laser pointed at more sensitive and less visible body parts may make the average woman squirm, there’s a growing buzz around new procedures that promise feminine rejuvenation.

Last month’s Harper’s Bazaar cover story asked “Can a Laser Improve Your Sex Life?” And for many women – from those who have recently given birth, survived devastating diseases like cancer or are navigating the perils of menopause, to those who simply want to explore the available benefits – the answer is yes.

Whether due to childbirth, aging, or one of many other reasons; muscle relaxation, diminished sensation or skin laxity can wreak havoc on a woman’s life behind the bedroom door. In fact, devotees of feminine rejuvenation procedures report that the feeling of regaining a sense of control over their own bodies is one major payoff of the treatment.

So what’s behind the hype? As of this year, four noninvasive revitalization treatments are offered in the United States and they fall into two categories: those that use radio frequency and those that use fractional CO2 to stimulate collagen production and increase blood flow. The technique behind both kinds of procedures depends on something called “collagen remodeling,” which is a way to improve the integrity of skin and strengthen its natural support structure by applying different kinds of heat.

The benefits of the procedures available go beyond the obvious. Skin tightening is expected, but increased circulation, lubrication and friction (in a good way) in the bedroom are also benefits that can make a woman feel like she’s in her 20’s again.

At North Dallas Dermatology Associates, ThermiVa™, one of the procedures that depend on radio frequency, is the feminine rejuvenation treatment of choice. The product was developed by a woman’s wellness company with a mission to help women “reclaim, restore and revive.”

The in-office procedure takes less than an hour to perform and the typical treatment period is three sessions spaced four weeks apart. As for discomfort and downtime, there is very little. Patients report a return to normal activities the day of the treatment, while benefits start to emerge almost immediately.

ThermiVa is a unique procedure from a company that not only knows and understands laser rejuvenation, but has put that knowledge to work for women. If you are an NDDA patient or are just interested in what ThermiVa can do for you, call to schedule your complimentary consultation at (214) 761-8524.

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, Behind the Buzz: Laser Rejuvenation for Women