Top 5 Tips for Caring for Your Skin

Everyone knows having a good skin care regimen is important, but with all the contradicting information out there, sometimes it’s hard to know what’s best. Here are five of the top skin care tips recommended by dermatologists to keep skin looking smooth and youthful.
Use sunscreen. Dermatologists agree the number one skin care tip is to protect skin from the sun. Not only does it reduce the risk of developing skin cancer, it also lowers the chance of forming sun spots and melasma. To keep skin looking youthful, sunscreen with a minimum of 30 SPF should be used daily, applied liberally onto the face, neck, and ears. To avoid a greasy look, use a gel or liquid sunscreen; it reduces oils and quickly absorbs into the skin.
Stick to mild cleansers. Skin is delicate and fragile, and it’s important to treat it as such. Mild cleansers are easier on skin then cleansers with harsh chemicals that can burn and irritate leaving skin red and splotchy. The best facial cleansers contain fatty materials that can help skin retain its moisture and stay fresh all day long.
Moisturize. Moisturizing has been recommended as a skin care tip for years because it plumps fine lines, reduces dryness and flaking, and can prevent rapid aging of the skin. Find a moisturizer with collagen to help encourage skin’s elasticity. Ingredients such as glycerin and Shea butter allow skin to heal rapidly, stimulate collagen growth, and eliminate free radicals.
Quit smoking. Smoking is not only a bad habit; it makes skin look old and contributes to wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Smoking narrows blood vessels, decreasing blood flow across the face, which can reduce the elasticity of the skin. Because smokers make regular, repetitive movements, such as sucking in when they inhale, wrinkles are more likely to appear.
Watch sodium and sugars. Too much sodium and sugar can irate skin and lead to breakouts. Maintaining a balanced, healthy diet is a part of any good skin care routine. Diet sodas and many pre-made, convenience dishes are saturated with sodium, which can make the eyes and jaws puffy. Sugars not only contribute to acne breakouts, they also damage collagen, which help to keep skin smooth and firm.
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