Q: “I’ve heard about using Botox to lift my face. What is MICROTOX™
A: MICROTOX™ LIFT is the newest Botox injection technique designed to
deliver ultra-subtle results, preserve micro-facial movement and deliver a
soft, natural look.
Have you noticed that Hollywood is looking younger and more natural than ever
these days? Botox has come a long way since puffy-faced stars with frozen
foreheads, and wind-tunnel faces graced the awards-season red carpet.
In our fight against aging and wrinkling, we have new techniques and cutting
edge procedures that are so sophisticated and subtle they can deliver amazing
results without any evidence of intervention.
Microtox Lift is one of these new-generation techniques that help us deliver tiny
amounts of Botox across the face and forehead to compliment what fillers can do
and further help to dramatically soften stubborn, scattered fine lines.
For most patients, Botox is the go-to option to relax the muscles in the glabella
(the “elevens”), forehead, eyes (crow’s feet), nose (bunny lines), corners of the
mouth (marionette lines), upper lip, and chin (peau d’orange or dimpled chin).
But depending on the extent of sun damage and how animated a patient is, lines
in these areas may persist despite numerous treatments.
Rather than address those muscle areas broadly, Microtox Lift allows us to target
specific superficial muscles in the face to achieve even more dramatic results.
This is how it works: using the Microtox Lift procedure, we deliver tiny amounts of
Botox to the microscopic band of smooth muscles that attach the base of every
hair follicle on one end to the dermal tissue on the other.
When these tiny smooth muscles contract in response, they elevate the skin
(think of what happens when you get goose bumps). The smooth muscle
responds almost immediately to the treatment with skin retraction – which could
be likened to a ‘shrink wrap’ effect.
The result is that the skin appears to be tighter and more compressed. And when
you look in the mirror, those fine horizontal lines will be softened – as they
disappear into the tissue.
Microtox Lift is so effective at delivering the most natural look possible with
Botox, it’s even beginning to rival other chemosurfacing techniques – such aslasers and chemical peels – but with the advantages of virtually no down time,
quicker results (hours to days), and no risk of hyperpigmentation (skin darkening
after inflammation).
Any skin type can benefit. And the procedure, because it promotes a firming
process, can deliver a number of secondary benefits, like adding a little lift to
sagging upper eyelid skin.
Here at North Dallas Dermatology, we’re always excited to deliver the latest in
new-generation Botox technique. Call us today if this procedure sounds right for
Here’s to looking, feeling, and staying young and beautiful . . .

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