My First Skin Exam

I have always passionately cared about my skin, or at least the appearance of it. It wasn’t until I started working for North Dallas Dermatology Associates, that I realized the real meaning of skin health, rather than just skin aesthetics. November is recognized as Healthy Skin Awareness Month and as part of this initiative, I went in for my first skin check.

I have never had a skin check before for the simple fact that I have been blessed with decent skin, and have never sought doctor attention when it came to my skin health. I was nervous prior to going in because of my naivety to skin checks and the entire process in general. I saw Dr. Amy Wolthoff, who agreed to answer some of my questions and who put me completely at ease.

To see my interview with her please watch the video below.

Something that I really wanted to know before going in was what to expect with a skin check. The experience in general is short and sweet and really nothing to worry about. I was lead to an exam room and was asked to undress and to put on a paper shirt and skirt. After I undressed, Dr. Wolthoff came back into the room and checked my skin from head to toe. I had absolutely no idea that you could get skin cancer in areas that aren’t skin exposed! She checked between my fingers, toes, my back, stomach, chest, arms, legs, and even my scalp. I was worried about her finding something, but during my interview, she assured me that if they found anything I would be in perfect place to get it biopsied and taken care of. My skin passed my checkup with flying colors and I was even able to get some sunscreen tips out of it! At North Dallas Dermatology, your skin is in excellent hands! I’m glad I got my skin checked and I’ll be back next year for my check-up!

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