The Eyes Insider: Take Years off Your Face with These Tips

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Taking some extra time to deliver a little TLC to your eyes can take years off your face. Several new techniques for firming and lifting the eye area can also help to supplement a good routine.

When it’s time for more of a lift than a plumping cream can give, or if you just want to lay the groundwork for firmer, brighter skin around your eyes, talk to your dermatologist about these procedures:


Ultherapy does wonders for creating firmed up eyes with a little lift and no downtime. The ultrasound treatment works by stimulating collagen production in places where delicate skin is looser due to ageing or genetics.  Ultherapy is FDA approved for browlift.

Fractional Laser Resurfacing:

Laser resurfacing is a great multipurpose tool that can work wonders for your eyes, especially where drooping eyelids are the concern. The procedure, alone, or when combined with small amounts of a hyaluronic-acid based filler can plump up that thinner, more delicate skin, working wonders for your eyes, especially if laxity and skin texture are your concerns.

Botox Browlift:

Botox is a standby tool for eyes. And like everything, a little goes a long way. Using it to prevent fine lines from forming (around the corners of eyes, known as crows feet), is one technique. Also effective: small injections precisely placed under the edge of the brow line can create the effect of an instant brow lift without surgery.

Of course, the success of any treatment depends on how well you execute some common-sense basics . . .

  1. Be Gentle

Unfortunately, it’s much too easy to rough handle your eyes at the end of a long day, or after staying out too late. No matter how badly you want to just get the makeup off and get into bed, don’t rub your eyes. Ever. Ditto for waking up in the morning. The pressure and abrasion caused by rubbing can really exacerbate lines over time. The skin around the eye is the thinnest on the body and therefore is very delicate.

To remove eye makeup without rubbing, soak a cotton pad in makeup remover and gently press it into your eye area to loosen and dissolve makeup. Then follow up with an extra rich plumping cream like SkinCeuticals A.G.E. eye complex that’s formulated for the eye area.

  1. Protect

Especially if you live in a city, stepping outside exposes the most delicate area of your face to a barrage of potentially destructive actors. Skin-ravaging free radicals and sun exposure break down collagen, causing fine lines and wrinkles to appear over time.

Protect yourself with antioxidants, a good sunscreen and a physical UV barrier, like sunglasses, whenever possible. Serums deliver the highest dose of antioxidants and absorb into the skin most effectively, so be sure to apply them first in the morning before you go outside. Follow that up with a good sunscreen that’s at least 30 SPF. SkinCeuticals’ Physicial Eye UV Defense is a sunscreen specifically designed for the eye area which prevents the stinging and burning that can occur when using sunscreen around the eyes. It’s 100% mineral based that also provides a tone enhancing tint for the delicate eye area. Then grab those sunglasses – they’ll help keep you from squinting – a cause of crows-feet.

  1. Get Great Brows

It’s no secret that Hollywood and just about every fashion magazine in circulation is sporting full, sculpted brows these days. Well executed eyebrows are like a good haircut – they make just about everyone look polished and well rested, and they can really accentuate one of your most striking features.

Take your brows to the next level with microblading. Beauty insiders are obsessed with the procedure which, like hairline micropigmentation, involves precisely placing a non-toxic, carbon-based pigment under the skin to fill in and sculpt eyebrows.

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