Product Spotlight: Three Problems Your Sunscreen Can Fix

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Gone is the time when applying sunscreen in the morning meant reaching for the Coppertone on your day off. These days, sunscreen is an integral part of even the simplest everyday beauty routine. Being skin savvy in 2018 often means having a multi-step skin prep process going before your first cup of coffee. Where products are concerned, everything from serums to face masks have become more targeted and efficient, and sunscreen formulations have evolved right along with them. SkinCeuticals features three new sunscreen formulations that can help you address specific concerns – all before that first UV ray hits your face.

Concern: Protecting the Delicate Eye Area

Product: SC Physical Eye UV Defense

According to research, between 5% and 10% of all skin cancers develop in the eye region, where people often forget or don’t think to apply sunscreen. Eyelid and undereye skin can be much more sensitive, so the reluctance to include sun protection there is understandable. Slip up once with application and you could have stinging, red eyes for hours. But given that afore-mentioned cancer risk, and the fact that the eye area can be the first to show visible aging signs – it pays to give your eyes some UV blocking TLC.
That’s where SkinCeutical’s Physical UV Defense comes in. The formulation is composed of a mineral and wax base, so the liquid-resistant product will cling to skin but won’t get in eyes. The sunscreen is SPF 50 and sweat resistant, so it’s a good choice for all day wear under your normal brightening concealer.

Concern: Regular Sunscreen Stings Skin

Product: SC Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50

With so many all-purpose sunscreens out there, it can be hard to choose the one that doesn’t irritate your skin. But you can’t let “it stings” be the reason for skipping the one must-do step everyone should be religious about. And rushing out of the house without makeup isn’t an excuse anymore either. These days, tinted sunscreens are the best no-time makeup alternative on the market.
The SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 solves both problems. This product is an extremely lightweight mineral formulation, which means it contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide – a favorite of dermatologists because these compounds help people with sensitive skin avoid irritation. It’s also tinted and sheer on most skin tones, so it can double as a great quick coverup or way to even out skin tone when you don’t have time for makeup.

Concern: Oil Control

Product: SC Physical Matte UV Defense Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50

If oily skin is your primary concern, look for anything with a silicone base to minimize the appearance of pores and lay down a good primer for perfect makeup. Thankfully, your sunscreen can now do this too. The Physical Matt UV Defense Tinted Sunscreen from SkinCeuticals uses aerated silica technology to absorb 15 times its weight in oil. Meanwhile, the mineral formulation keeps skin calm and protected while an added tint helps even skin tone.

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