The Four Things Every Dallasite Should do for Her Skin (According to Your Dermatologist)

Much like the best exercise regimens and New Year’s diets, good skin care intentions get thrown out the window at the first sign of a stressful workweek, a late night out, or one too many poolside margaritas – leaving us with vanities full of products and some seriously under-served skin.
But choosing the right habits, and letting go of the unrealistic expectations – no, it is not necessary to exfoliate every night for 20 minutes – can give you a failsafe foundation. Pay attention to these basics and you’ll be well on your way to the best skin of your life . . .
Please throw away that magnifying mirror! (In fact, go completely hands-free).
What’s the number one thing (after sun exposure and smoking) that can damage your skin? It’s your own hands. Whether you have a habit of touching your face throughout the day, or your cleansing sessions turn into minor surgery, stop now and designate your face a “no-fly” zone.
First, throw away that magnifying mirror! It encourages you to squeeze and pick at skin imperfections that aren’t visible to anyone else. Hint: you’re not walking around with magnified skin, so there’s no reason to look at your own face that way. And pay attention to other avenues breakout-causing bacteria regularly take onto your face. For example, use ear buds instead of resting your phone surface against your cheek and be mindful of how many times a day you’re touching your own skin.
Establish some cleaning routines.
Everyone knows that falling asleep without taking the time to cleanse skin is a number one no-no. Makeup clogs pores. And all the bacteria, dirt and oil – not to mention environmental exposure to pollutants that come with living in a city – add up to one powerful acne-causing and pro-aging cocktail by 9 pm.
Your best defense is to really cleanse skin every day, without exception, with a cleanser designed to support your own skin’s needs. This last part is perhaps the most important advice. Despite what you might think, any soap in a pinch will not do. In fact, over-cleansing with alkaline soaps can dry out your skin and introduce a host of other problems. Use this rule of thumb – if your skin feels squeaky-clean, your cleanser is stripping moisture away from your skin and it’s time to find a different product.
What should be squeaky clean? Answer: your makeup brushes and sponges. Set aside a regular time at least once every other week to disinfect everything that touches your face daily, or invest in disposable sponges.
Be Product Picky.
Prescription products can be a good investment, and if you’re dealing with a specific issue they might be the right choice (as opposed to over-the-counter products). For medical issues, make sure you see your doctor for guidance. And in general, understanding which products are good for your skin – and which ones aren’t – takes a visit with an experienced dermatologist. Make the time to set up an appointment and identify any underlying skin conditions or sensitivities that should direct your product selection.
Once you do know what you’re looking for, you can find some very reliable products that do the heavy lifting – NDDA stocks quality brands like SkinCeuticals, and you can find standbys like CereVe and Cetaphil at the drugstore. Make sure you buy with two rules in mind: does this product really fit my skin; and, am I buying the right formulations?
Sleep Like a Geisha.
Anyone serious about aging gracefully should pay attention to this rule: always sleep on your back whenever possible. Stomach and side sleeping puts pressure on skin and can pull and stretch delicate tissue. For fewer wrinkles, try to minimize the time you spend resting on one side of your face or the other. This also includes propping up your face with one hand while staring at a computer screen! You can minimize overnight irritation by choosing a skin-soothing fabric for your pillow case. Satin or a satin blend is best.

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