The Guy’s Guide to Good Skin

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ManMen are the latest to get in on the wave of cosmetic dermatology procedures that are keeping their wives and girlfriends looking younger for longer. And advances in treatment options that create more nuanced results are allowing dermatologists to tailor procedures and general skincare to suit men’s needs like never before.

In fact, it’s men’s grooming products, not women’s that are currently leading the beauty industry – with revenues rising by an average 6 percent per year – representing one of that market’s fastest growing sectors. Like fixing your teeth, or getting Lasik, cosmetic dermatology for men is becoming just another way to look and feel your best.

The procedures and skincare routines that have been making a difference for NDDA patients aren’t just for women. More and more, men want to do everything they can to get their healthiest-looking skin, and that means they’re considering new treatment options and making good skincare a habit.

For men, bad product choices, or a lack of general attention, can cause everything from acne to sensitivity to early aging. So in honor of father’s day, we’ve rounded up our recommendations for a few of the most popular treatments available for the guys in our lives. . .

Look into Retinoids

Retinoids have long been used by dermatologists as part of a daily skincare routine that includes the right moisturizer and a daily face wash with benzoyl peroxide – to keep acne under control. But using a retinoid product like Retin-A, Differin or Tazorac can also pack a punch when it comes to skin rejuvenation – it’s one of the easiest ways to get smoother, healthier-looking skin.

Eliminate Razor Burn and Ingrown Hairs Forever

Upgrading your morning shave is one of the best ways to improve your skincare routine. And you don’t have to deal with razor burn or a propensity for ingrown hairs forever! Laser hair removal for the neck is a great way to eliminate that problem permanently. By using targeted laser heat, your dermatologist eliminates problem hair by killing the growth follicle that produces it.

Say Goodbye to Your Love Handles

Even the most workout-focused guy may have to contend with those stubborn areas that never seem to firm up, no matter how many crunches or lunges you throw at them. You can avoid the dreaded “dad body” with a little help, thanks to a new procedure called CoolSculpting. It’s a treatment that works by freezing small pockets of fat cells, which then die and get eliminated naturally by your body.

Cut Down on the Sweat

For men that sweat a bit more than they’d like, or are sensitive to deodorants, there’s a great way to take care of excessive perspiration. Botox injections aren’t just for the face anymore. Injections of small amounts in sweat-prone areas like the armpits have no negative side effects, and can cut down on the amount of perspiration you experience for up to eight months.

Don’t Skip the Sunscreen

It’s common sense that one of the worst skin habits is sun exposure. It’s one of the leading causes of skin damage and aging wrinkles – and more importantly, skin cancer. These days, there’s no excuse for skipping the sunscreen. From chemical to non-chemical (physical) products, there’s a sunscreen out there that is right for you. Get into the habit of using it like an aftershave. Ask your dermatologist for a recommendation that works best with your skin.

Start a Daily Skincare Routine

Hands off that generic bathroom soap! Skincare, especially for men over 30 should be a very personalized thing. One size does not fit all when it comes to keeping your skin happy, hydrated and problem-free. Your morning (or evening) routine should include at the minimum, a cleanser, toner and moisturizer suited to your skin type. And developing a good plan is as simple as having a short conversation with your dermatologist about which products are best for you.

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