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Getting the most out of your next visit to the dermatologist can seem like a tall order. There are so many topics to cover – from basic skin care and prevention to dealing with chronic problems like acne to the best long-term plan for skin rejuvenation.
Read on for three basic questions you should ask your dermatologist to get the most out of your next visit . . .
How do I make skin cancer prevention a priority?
Dermatologists are on the front line when it comes to skin cancer prevention. Make sure you schedule one full-body checkup a year. This is the time to point out any skin irregularities, moles, or concerns you might have from doing regular self-skin exams at home (which we highly encourage). Early detection and prevention can save your life. And while you’re on the subject, ask your dermatologist to recommend an SPF that blocks UVA and UVB radiation to prevent sun damage.
What’s causing my breakouts or other blemishes?
Acne can easily result from clogged pores and bacteria that build up when we get too busy to follow good skin cleansing routines. But if you’ve got that habit on auto drive, your acne could have an easily identifiable cause like hormonal therapy or birth control, sugar and dairy in your diet, or plain old stress. Ask your dermatologist to help you get to the root of the problem.
Do I need to overhaul my skincare routine?
For the most part, high-quality skincare is more about practice than price. As long as the ingredients in the products you are using are simple and appropriate for the problem you’re looking to solve, there’s no need to trash your drugstore brands for pricier alternatives – or vice versa. Ask your doctor to help you determine which quality ingredients should show up in your go-to products – and take some time to discuss your skincare needs so you can both formulate a routine that makes sense and takes into account your skin’s specific needs.

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