Obtain a Jawline Fit for a Queen with a Nefertiti Lift

Queen Nefertiti was known for her strong, well-defined jawline.  With the new non-invasive jaw lift procedure named after her, you too can obtain a youthful, contoured jawline.
What is a Nefertiti Lift?
Named after an ancient, beautiful Egyptian queen known for her strong, well defined jawline, the Nefertiti lift uses  Botox Cosmetics injections to lift along the jawline.  Sagging skin and jowls contribute to a change in facial shape and can make you look older. In the past, a full surgical neck lift was considered the best way to rejuvenate the lower face, but with advances in technology and technique, people can now obtain a neck lift and define the jaw non-invasively.
NDDA offers a comprehensive array of treatments for a true non-surgical neck lift:
Kybella to treat double chin
Botox to achieve the Nefertiti neck lift along the jawline and for platysmal banding
Ulthera for skin tightening on the neck
Photofractional treatments for sun damaged skin
Nectifirm cream for neck firming
You can now get the neck you want without having to go under the knife!
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If you are interested in learning more about the Nefertiti Lift procedure, call (214) 761-8524 to schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our aestheticians today!

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