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All About Micro-Needling

Micro-needling is an exciting innovation in skin rejuvenation. It is great for people on the go as the treatment takes about 30 minutes and has virtually no downtime or discomfort. It is something that patients with all skin types and color can enjoy the benefits of. Studies show that micro-needling can be as effective as laser resurfacing,… Read More »

8 Ways Smoking Kills Your Looks

We all know that smoking kills, but it doesn’t just affect your body internally. Smoking does a world of damage on your appearance that can add years to your looks.  Here are eight ways that smoking affects your looks in a drastic way. Sagging Skin – The appearance of loose skin around your eyes is typical for smoker. Due… Read More »

Makeup Swapping: Deal Or No Deal?

Recently, I was asked to do an interview with Fox 4 news on the business of internet make-up swapping. I was astounded after hearing this and quickly started to do some research. After finding out some of the less well-known dangers (along with the obvious), I would say I couldn’t imagine any make-up product worth… Read More »

Q: I hear there is a new filler on the market called Voluma. How is it different from other fillers?

A: Voluma, produced by the makers of Botox™ Cosmetic and Juvederm (Allergan), is the first injectable filler indicated to temporarily correct age related volume loss in the cheek area in adults over age 21. Although it has been used in Europe and Canada for years, it was recently FDA approved in the U.S. October. It represents… Read More »

Forget Tanning Beds, It’s All About the Tanning Booth

The Sunstation Tanning Tower is the newest addition to the NDDA armamentarium. The tanning tower is the newest state-of-the-art technology in sunless tanning. It allows for better ventiliation, which means faster drying times. This is great considering most sunless tanning treatments can leave you feeling sticky afterwards. The booth allows for an overall, better air-brushed… Read More »

Voluma: A patient experience

1. Why did you want to try Voluma? As you get older your face gets drawn and hollow and you lose a lot of volume. Dr. Hurley had mentioned it at my last visit and I have been going through cancer and the wear and tear is reflected on my face. I have been spending… Read More »

5 Ways to Show Your Skin Some Love

Your skin, the largest organ of the body, is everything from the first thing that someone notices when they glance your way, to your protector from toxins, infections and the elements. Your skin undergoes a daily beating from smoke sunlight, pollution, dirt and grime. Over time, these beatings begin to take their toll on the… Read More »

Get Your Body Ready for Spring Break! Lose Inches with ZERONA®

ZERONA® is a FDA approved low-level laser treatment which provides body slimming solution without diet or exercise. Unlike invasive weight loss surgery, ZERONA® is a revolutionary method that is applied externally without any discomfort or the dangers associated with invasive surgery or liposuction. The simple procedure consists of nine 40-minute treatments over three week period. ZERONA®… Read More »


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