Retinoids and Retinol: Your Definitive Guide

If you’re not using a retinoid as your multi-purpose anti-aging product, you probably should be (unless you’re pregnant or breastfeeding). The chemical compound that’s related to Vitamin A has been a staple in the skincare world since doctors noticed that patients treated with the stuff were looking younger longer. Dermatologists recommend retinoids as a go-to… Read More »

Get Back-to-School Ready!

Acne isn’t just a teenage rite of passage, it’s something you can diagnose, treat, and be done with. Watch ABC News 8 health and fitness reporter, Sonia Azad, interview NDDA’s Dr. Corinne Erickson about the best ways to banish teen acne . . .

Your Doctor Has You Covered

Healthcare is all about exams, right? Not so much. Even in the most basic realms of doctors, there are small variances that need to be noticed. For example, the care that is obtained for a child may revolve around prevention. Older adults may have different needs based on age-related changes or certain medications they are… Read More »

ReGenesis: The Hardworking Hair Plumper

To combat hair loss and promote new hair growth, use a heat protectant and consider investing in a hair-plumping product system like ReGenesis. NDDA also recommends a professional-strength hair vitamin called Viviscal. Ask your doctor which combination will give you the best result! The ReGenesis shampoo and conditioner work together to stimulate new hair growth… Read More »

Axe Your Ink: Tattoo Removal is Easier Than Ever

It seemed like a great idea years ago, but now that delicate tattoo on your ankle is beginning to fade and bleed, or that meaningful quote on your calf just doesn’t hold the same allure it used to. If you’re considering tattoo removal, you’re not alone. Americans are axing their ink in record numbers. Tattoo… Read More »

The Survey results are in! Your 2018 Beauty Wish List

Just in time for the new year, we’ve rounded up your top beauty concerns – and strategies. According to NDDA’s own Wishlist Wednesday survey, here’s the lowdown on your 2018 beauty goals . . . Newsflash: Reducing fine lines and wrinkles is everyone’s top priority. It may not come as a big surprise to anyone… Read More »


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