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Voluma: A patient experience

1. Why did you want to try Voluma? As you get older your face gets drawn and hollow and you lose a lot of volume. Dr. Hurley had mentioned it at my last visit and I have been going through cancer and the wear and tear is reflected on my face. I have been spending… Read More »

5 Ways to Show Your Skin Some Love

Your skin, the largest organ of the body, is everything from the first thing that someone notices when they glance your way, to your protector from toxins, infections and the elements. Your skin undergoes a daily beating from smoke sunlight, pollution, dirt and grime. Over time, these beatings begin to take their toll on the… Read More »

Get Your Body Ready for Spring Break! Lose Inches with ZERONA®

ZERONA® is a FDA approved low-level laser treatment which provides body slimming solution without diet or exercise. Unlike invasive weight loss surgery, ZERONA® is a revolutionary method that is applied externally without any discomfort or the dangers associated with invasive surgery or liposuction. The simple procedure consists of nine 40-minute treatments over three week period. ZERONA®… Read More »

Xocai: Healthy Chocolate That Tastes Great Too!

Most people love chocolate. We love its flavor, its aroma, its texture. In fact, we love it so much that over a billion people eat chocolate every day. Surprisingly, however, many of us don’t realize that at the heart of chocolate is a little bean called cacao. Cacao comes from a tree whose origins date… Read More »

Got stress, migraines, or chronic aches and pains? Introducing Aroma Touch Therapy . . .

Essential oils have been used for nearly 6,000 years to address a spectrum of issues that affect the human body. The ancient Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks, and even Romans have used this practice to address everything from stress and sleeplessness to a variety of medical problems.  And like any tradition rooted in ancient culture, there are time-tested guidelines… Read More »

Melanoma Awareness Month

May is melanoma awareness month and is the perfect time to schedule a yearly skin check! A yearly skin check and early detection of melanoma can save a life. The five year survival rate of melanoma that is found early with no spread to other areas of the body is 98% in the U.S.  Skin… Read More »

What You Need to Know When Buying Sunscreen

Sunscreen may seem like a simple purchase, but choosing the right product can make a world of difference when it comes to protecting your skin. When deciding on what sunscreen to purchase, remember these steps: Look for both ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) protection, referred to as “broad spectrum” sunscreen.  While both types… Read More »

Top 5 Things to Know About Acne

1. It is not all your fault While there are many factors that can make acne better or worse, the strongest predictor of whether someone will get acne is their genetics. People are born with certain characteristics that predispose them to acne such as: overactive oil glands, hair follicles that form plugs easily, and background… Read More »


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