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Employee Spotlight: Jenica Graham

My favorite product at NDDA is the Elta MD daily sunscreen and moisturizer. I love using it because it is so light on my skin, and it is a great product to put on under my makeup as a morning moisturizer and sunscreen. It’s just the right texture for daily use, and it’s very thin… Read More »

Ask a Doctor: Skin Discoloration

Q. During my pregnancy the skin on my cheeks and forehead developed a number of brown patches. What are these and is there a way to get rid of them? A. “It sounds like you may have developed a condition known as melasma,” says NDDA dermatologist Dr. Melissa Costner. “This condition is very common during… Read More »

SkinCeuticals: the Best Investment Skincare

Magazine editorials and beauty product shelves are filled with scientific-sounding buzzwords, but SkinCeuticals is the rare beauty brand that is actually based on real breakthroughs in the research lab. The brand was developed as a result of knowledge gained through decades of skin cancer research.  One of the key discoveries? The importance of high potency… Read More »

NDDA is now a SkinCeuticals Flagship Spa!

  North Dallas Dermatology Associates is now serving Dallas as the region’s flagship  SkinCeuticals Advanced Clinical Spa. “We’re proud to offer state-of-the-art treatments that when paired with products backed by science give a mutual benefit,” said NDDA’s Dr. Mary Hurley. “We believe if you are investing in skincare treatments, you need to maintain your investment with good… Read More »

Employee Spotlight: Terry Sotelo

My favorite products are definitely iS Clinical’s super serum and Elta’s clear sun block. The serum is great for my freckles and it’s just a really good go-to skin brightener. The Elta sunblock is formulated specifically for oily skin, so it’s the best for my everyday use. All in all, it’s my favorite combination for… Read More »

Ask the Doctor: Platelet Rich Plasma

A new procedure, called platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP), uses the natural growth factors in your own blood to stimulate cell growth and collagen production. The procedure has been used for years by orthopedic doctors to help joint and sports injuries heal faster. And as a cosmetic treatment, it has the potential to improve the… Read More »

Guide: Your Best Skin at Every Age 

Skin changes throughout a lifetime and different strategies for beautiful skin are often needed in different stages and decades of life.  When it comes to the treatments that can help you look your best, it helps to plan for the future. After all, skin maintenance is a marathon, not a sprint. Read on for NDDA’s… Read More »

Zap it! Firm Up this Fall

If you wish your skin was a little firmer, you aren’t alone. Search #skintightening on Twitter and the hashtag yields over 13,000 results – from makeup to skincare to surgery. And while there are more good options than ever before, three basic, non-invasive, techniques promise some real results when it comes to skin tightening for… Read More »

Ask the Doctor: Protecting Winter Skin

Summer sun gets the most attention as a top culprit for skin damage, but winter can be just as harsh when it comes to the formation of wrinkles. Cold, biting air and windy weather outside and dry, heated air inside leaves skin vulnerable to the formation new lines and flare-ups in damaging conditions like eczema,… Read More »


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