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ReGenesis: The Hardworking Hair Plumper

To combat hair loss and promote new hair growth, use a heat protectant and consider investing in a hair-plumping product system like ReGenesis. NDDA also recommends a professional-strength hair vitamin called Viviscal. Ask your doctor which combination will give you the best result! The ReGenesis shampoo and conditioner work together to stimulate new hair growth… Read More »

The Green Guide: EWG’s Skin Deep Database

Buying organic and watching what you eat is a good way to make sure what you’re putting into your body is clean. But if you’re overlooking what you put “on” your body, you may be missing a big source of exposure to less-than-desirable compounds. Skin is the largest, most porous organ on our body, so… Read More »

Bootox Day is Back!

Thinking about trying Botox? Bootox day is back! Mark your calendar for Friday, October 27 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. •         For patients new to Botox only •         A $75 injection fee will be charged at the time of scheduling (non-refundable, to guarantee your appointment) •         Patients will receive 20… Read More »

Get Back-to-School Ready!

Acne isn’t just a teenage rite of passage, it’s something you can diagnose, treat, and be done with. Watch ABC News 8 health and fitness reporter, Sonia Azad, interview NDDA’s Dr. Corinne Erickson about the best ways to banish teen acne . . .

Retinoids and Retinol: Your Definitive Guide

If you’re not using a retinoid as your multi-purpose anti-aging product, you probably should be (unless you’re pregnant or breastfeeding). The chemical compound that’s related to Vitamin A has been a staple in the skincare world since doctors noticed that patients treated with the stuff were looking younger longer. Dermatologists recommend retinoids as a go-to… Read More »

Boost Skin Health With Vitamin C

Your skin doesn’t produce vitamin C on its own, so topical vitamin C serums are an important part of daily skincare. Choose one with maximum vitamin C concentration to address fine lines, boost your skin’s ability to generate new collagen and help protect it against UV exposure. Our favorite product this month is the SkinCeuticals… Read More »

CoolSculpting + Kybella: Banish the Neck Bulge

Google “double chin” or “neck fat” and you’ll find yourself staring at dozens of home remedy videos promising easy exercises to tone up a bulky neck. If a turkey-neck is sending you running for a turtleneck or scarf read on…. In fact, neck fat, what dermatologists call submental fullness, is one of the most common… Read More »

Cleansers, Decoded: Your Basic Face Wash Guide

Read enough beauty blogs and you’ll quickly accumulate a mountain of (sometimes conflicting) expert advice on how, when and with what to wash your face. While only your dermatologist can craft a truly tailored skin care regime, there are a few standby rules everyone should follow . . . Always take off your makeup first.… Read More »

Hyaluronic Acid is Worth the Hype: HA Intensifier

It’s an advanced ingredient that is starting to show up in luxe skincare products, so it’s natural to wonder – is the talk around hyaluronic acid just hype? Or is it worth paying attention? While it’s good to be skeptical about most ingredients on the market that make big claims, this one, it turns out,… Read More »


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