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botox is the new antiperspirant 5c5aa5f22d5da

Botox is the New Antiperspirant

If you struggle with sweaty armpits, you’re not alone. Excessive sweating, a condition called hyperhidrosis affects close to 3% of the U.S. population. And even if you’re lucky enough to not be in that group, basic sweating, caused by hereditary traits, health and even environmental factors affects a much larger group of Americans. If you’ve… Read More »

post your sunsafeselfie and get your skin exam 5c5aa5f82251f

Post Your #sunsafeselfie and Get Your Skin Exam!

May is skin cancer awareness month, and that means that once again, we’re here to talk about a subject that should be near and dear to everyone’s heart – sun safety! Here’s a rundown of the sun safety events this month, and our advice for making this the month you get serious about sun care.… Read More »

product spotlight three problems your sunscreen can fix 5c5aa5ff83edc

Product Spotlight: Three Problems Your Sunscreen Can Fix

Gone is the time when applying sunscreen in the morning meant reaching for the Coppertone on your day off. These days, sunscreen is an integral part of even the simplest everyday beauty routine. Being skin savvy in 2018 often means having a multi-step skin prep process going before your first cup of coffee. Where products… Read More »

say goodbye to cellulite 5c5aa689eb49a

Say Goodbye to Cellulite

Cindy Crawford has it, so does Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba. Look closely enough and it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t have a little bit of cellulite. In fact, nearly 85 percent of women have it, according to a study in the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy. And while the genetic predisposition that paves… Read More »

glisten and glow your countdown to holiday skin 5c5aa76450d9b

Glisten and Glow! Your Countdown to Holiday Skin

It’s only October, but now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting ready for the holidays! Below, NDDA’s three-stage guide to getting the glow. Pick the date of your most important party (or winter vacation) and work backwards using the suggested treatment time frames. Think of this as your personal training plan for… Read More »

employee spotlight monica torres 5c5aa74f7f9c4

Employee Spotlight: Monica Torres

  Like many of us at NDDA, I have to say my favorite treatment is the microdermabrasion. It really cleans up your face and makes you feel refreshed. It makes my skin feel a lot smoother and the whole experience is just so relaxing. I also recently tried microneedling, a procedure that helps stimulate collagen and… Read More »


NDDA Spa Services: Your Guide to Perfect Skin

Good skincare takes a holistic approach. And when it comes to spa services, it’s tempting to try the newest treatment, or duck in for a quick facial while you’re out shopping. Don’t let the latest Groupon special be your guide for the kinds of spa treatments you seek, or how often you get them done.… Read More »

double chin this treatment might be for you 5c5aa779a6ddc

Double Chin? This Treatment Might be for You

A life of exercise and eating right doesn’t necessarily mean you’re living without chin fat. In fact, many people who have the dreaded “double chin” are victims of something called submental fullness, which is the result of a hereditary condition rather than one too many trips through the McDonalds drive through. The condition appears as fat… Read More »

meet your ndda spa team 5c5aa771bd330

Meet Your NDDA Spa Team!

North Dallas Dermatology Associates is proud to introduce the NDDA spa team . . . Taylor Hubbard I am NDDA’s cosmetic coordinator and have been here for almost ten years! My personal favorite product is Skin Ceuticals Phloretin CF, because it’s all about prevention. And my personal favorite treatment is Cool Sculpting! Hannah Jones I’ve been… Read More »

ndda employee spotlight tifani john 5c5aa76b7371a

NDDA Employee Spotlight: Tifani John

  My favorite procedure is the microdermabrasion paired with a chemical peel. It makes skin look and feel amazing. Most people say that, so sometimes the basics are the best when it comes to treatment options! You really feel the results of this combo the next day, and I just love the process. It leaves… Read More »


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