Best Products: Our Lead Aesthetician Weighs In

Choosing aestheticians who work closely with physicians may seem less important than dashing to your nearest spa in time for a pre-weekend skin treatment. But unless it’s for something like a pedicure, that decision could come back to haunt you.

That’s because medical spas, unlike the average skin spa, invest in physician-guided treatments, techniques and training, says Joni Thomas, the lead senior medical aesthetician for NDDA Skin and Laser Spa.

“At a medical spa, we’re supplying the highest technical skill available and we’re using professional equipment under the guidance of a physician’s specific treatment plan for a patient,” says Thomas. “It’s a much more individualized and safer-for-your-skin approach.”

In addition, says Thomas, working with an experienced aesthetician is just as important as working with your dermatologist – in fact, the two complement each other well.

“A good aesthetician will know how to tailor treatments and recommend products based on the detailed picture of your overall skin health and needs, that the doctor determines.”

NDDA’s Joni Thomas answers some of our Medical Spa’s most common questions:

Q: Why not just buy over the counter cosmetic skin products?  Aren’t they cheaper and just as good?

A: Over the counter products are not as good, and because of that, you can end up wasting a lot of money in the long run. Medical spa products are closer to pharmaceutical grade, and most can only be bought through a physician’s office, to ensure quality. If you see them online, take a pass and wait for your next visit to the dermatologist because they could be expired or knockoffs.

Q: Can I count on the sunscreen in my makeup to provide enough coverage?

A: No, you definitely cannot. It’s great to have an SPF in your makeup, but you really need another layer for extra protection under any makeup you put over it. Elta sunscreen is the best choice here. The line offers a variety of formulations to meet different needs and it even comes tinted for your “no makeup” days.

Q: As part of your philosophy of investing in your skin, what do you believe are the best treatment options?

A: I always tell patients that I want to focus on tone, texture and tightening. What that looks like really depends on your skin type and what the problem is. Gentle to aggressive exfoliation is really the first thing to do to improve all three. After that, it’s really about what your individual skin needs.

Q: What kind of chemical peels are available at NDDA?  Do you have a favorite?

A: Chemical peels come in all shapes, sizes and formulations. That’s because we can easily tailor almost anything about them: their intensity, the specific problem they’re targeting, etc. There are chemical peels for almost every skin condition.

Q: You believe that investing in your skin is a benefit that lasts a lifetime.  What are your best skin care products?

A: Most people will get the best results with specific recommendations, but I do have a few favorites. They are:

Acne: Any kind of glycolic cleanser or glycolic/ salicylic serum. IS Clinical active serum is a great one.

Rosacea: IS Clinical Pro Heal or SkinCeuticals Redness Neutralizer.

Melasma: Advanced Pigment Corrector or Discoloration Defense, both by SkinCeuticals.

Sensitive Skin: Phyto Corrective Gel by SkinCeuticals or Tensage Advance Cream or Ampoules by Biopelle.

Mature Skin: A.G.E. Interrupter by SkinCeuticals or Blemish + Age (also SC).

Joni Thomas, NDDA Skin and Laser Spa

Joni is the lead senior medical aesthetician for NDDA Skin and Laser Spa. She has advanced training and is a certified laser technician, cool sculpting masters, and elite advance custom ultherapist. She has extensive knowledge in high end skincare lines such as IS Clinical, Revision, Elta MD and Biopelle. She also manages the NDDA SkinCeuticals Flagship where you can get SkinCeuticals Custom D.O.S.E. and a tailored personal skincare regimen.



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, Best Products: Our Lead Aesthetician Weighs In