Custom D.O.S.E. is Here! Create Your Own Skincare: Exclusively at NDDA

Sick of buying off-the-shelf skincare? There’s a new revolution afoot in the world of custom serums and it doesn’t involve having to mix your own serums at home – or depending on a department store makeup counter to make a guess about how to address your skin needs.
SkinCeuticals has applied their usual science-based approach to product development, this time in the form of a compounding machine, called Custom D.O.S.E, which is capable of formulating precision skincare in minutes.
The technology is still new, and only available at a handful of dermatology practices across the country. And we’re proud to say that NDDA is the first in Dallas to offer Custom D.O.S.E.!
To take custom-blended skincare to an entirely new level, the SC team worked with dermatologists, scientists and Silicon Valley engineers to create a machine capable of creating over 48 different serum combinations.
The best part about the process is that it starts with a true evaluation of your skin. Your own doctor’s analysis of what your skin needs along with photos are processed via a series of 85,000 algorithms to find your perfect formula.
And that formula is based on key ingredients that are known to promote skin smoothing and brightening. These “tried-and-true” actives like glycolic acid, retinol and niacinamide are added to two possible bases (one for dry and one for oily skin).
SkinCeuticals-sponsored studies indicated a 44 percent improvement in skin texture and 20 percent improvement in discoloration for the kojic-acid-and niacinamide blend, while retinol formulations saw a 38 percent improvement in skin texture and 12 percent improvement in hyperpigmentation.
We’ve got the only Custom D.O.S.E. machine in Dallas, and we’ve been using it to whip up customized skin care for NDDA patients and visitors. If you’re looking for a new routine, this is the place to start. SkinCeuticals Custom D.O.S.E. won the coveted Allure “Best of Beauty” award this year.
Read Allure’s review here:

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