My favorite procedure is the microdermabrasion paired with a chemical peel. It makes skin look and feel amazing. Most people say that, so sometimes the basics are the best when it comes to treatment options! You really feel the results of this combo the next day, and I just love the process. It leaves me feeling so relaxed. Also, I have very dry skin, so the exfoliation helps rejuvenate my face. Another unexpected benefit? The microdermabrasion and chemical peel gets rid of millia – those are the little pimples that can really block up the skin and muddy the texture of your skin’s surface. When I pair this treatment with my Elta MD clear tinted sunscreen I feel like I don’t even need makeup sometimes!

, NDDA Employee Spotlight: Tifani John

Tifani John

Tifani John is a patient care coordinator for NDDA. She works to direct patient questions and answers calls to make sure every NDDA patient gets the information they need to schedule appointments, answer treatment questions and keep an open line of communication with their doctor. On her downtime, Tifani is an accomplished seamstress and is capable of turning out elaborate costumes from scratch for friends and family!