The microdermabrasion with a glycolic peel is my favorite NDDA treatment because it keeps skin looking bright and young. I get the combination every four weeks and it’s like getting a new, fresh start to my skin every month. It’s addicting because it addresses all sorts of other, small problems at the same time. I noticed right away that was helping to minimize the small imperfections like spots and scars that can build up over time from breakouts. Getting smoother skin is great for me because it minimizes the time I have to spend compensating for complexion issues with makeup. I have three boys, so getting out of the house faster in the morning is my favorite side effect!

, NDDA Spotlight: Cristal Ulloa

Cristal Ulloa

Cristal Ulloa is an NDDA medical aesthetician assistant. She works with patients and aestheticians before, during and after treatments to make sure every visit goes smoothly. Her primary responsibility is to work with patients to address any questions they might have before a procedure and communicate follow-up care instructions after a treatment. Cristal is a self-described baseball and soccer mom to three boys who keep her on her toes.