The idea that dairy could be linked to acne isn’t new – a widely cited study in 2013 indicated that there really could be a link between diet and the skin. The landmark study, which reviewed over 50 years of clinical studies, found that foods with a high glycemic index (GI) and milk – particularly low fat and skim milk products – have the potential to aggravate acne.

Milk can cause hormonal fluctuations because it is part of a group of foods classified as “high GI,” meaning they have a high glycemic index, which allows them to be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly.That quick absorption can cause insulin spikes, which in turn promotes sebum production. Consider that most acne is caused by an over-abundance of sebum and dead skin cells, which clog pores – and the idea that forgoing dairy might give you better skin doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

Follow this video guide from NDDA’s health consultant, Candace Stone, for a few easy dairy substitutes.

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Candace Stone

Candace Stone

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