My favorite NDDA treatment is our Botox service because it can be customized to give your face such natural results. I’m a big fan of the microtox injections. That’s a way to deliver Botox in tiny amounts all over your face. Microtox is nice because it doesn’t totally take away full control of the muscle, but it relaxes it where needed. It produces much more of a natural softness than Botox could give in years past, and it’s much more subtle than it used to be. I smile a lot, so I have a lot of smile and squint lines, and I also have sun damage, so I want to keep those fine lines at bay. Botox gives me a softer, younger look, and it’s a gradual and temporary process these days, so I don’t have to worry about overdoing it.

, NDDA Spotlight: Kim Sembrick

Kim Sembrick

Kim Sembrick is an NDDA certified dermatology technician. Her primary responsibility is to coordinate communications with patients, answer patient calls and questions, help facilitate prescriptions and make sure NDDA doctors are aware of any patient questions so that they can follow up. She and other NDDA team members make routine calls to patients after treatments to make sure they are comfortable and seeing their desired results. In her free time, Kim’s favorite activities are watching the Dallas Cowboys, and spending time with her 21-year-old daughter and her canine family member, an 8-year-old boxer.