My favorite NDDA product is the ELTA MD Foaming Facial Cleanser because it makes my skin feel so good. I was never one to commit to a facial cleanser, but this one has changed my skin drastically. Part of the reason it feels so good is that it is very gentle on sensitive skin. The amino acid and enzyme blend – in the form of a nice, thick foam – gets all the dirt, grime and makeup of the day out of my pores. I’m also convinced that regular microdermabrasion treatments (every three to six months) are the secret to younger, brighter looking skin. Microdermabrasion is my favorite NDDA treatment. I get it as often as I can and it has really improved the texture of my skin!

, NDDA Spotlight: Debbie Medrano

Debbie Medrano

Debbie Medrano is a front desk coordinator for NDDA. Her primary responsibility is to make sure that new and returning patients have all of their information current and on file. Debbie is also responsible for supporting NDDA’s follow up care. She and other NDDA team members make routine calls to patients after treatments to make sure they are comfortable and seeing their desired results. Debbie has worked to support physicians in medical practices for ten years, and most enjoys the customer service aspect of her role. “I love talking to all of our patients and getting to know them,” she says. “My favorite part of the job is making sure patients feel comfortable and welcomed when they come in for a procedure or treatment.” In her free time, Debbie’s favorite activities are dancing, supporting her husband’s music career and relaxing with her family, which includes three grandchildren – and two on the way!