Dermatrak Skin Imaging Event at NDDA

, Dermatrak Skin Imaging Event at NDDAEvery year over 50,000 people in the United States develop melanoma. Every hour someone dies from it. Most melanomas have an early stage where many develop as changing moles. When detected and diagnosed early, melanoma is easily cured. When not found in its early stages, it is very difficult to treat.

Mole mapping by TBP at a DermaTrak Skin Imaging Center is one of the best ways to document the clinical appearance of your moles for future reference. Leading medical centers and private dermatologists employ TBP to aid in the early detection of melanoma.
DermaTrak Skin Imaging Centers help you and your physician monitor changes in existing moles, detect the presence of new moles, and aid in screening for melanoma.

Total Body Photography (TBP) is also referred to as Whole Body Integumentary Photography and is an important tool for the early detection of skin cancer. TBP is a medical procedure in which the skin covering most of the body is documented in a series of sectional photos. Melanoma is serious.

Total Body Photography (TBP) is usually a one-time investment in your health care that may or may not be covered by your insurance company. You would only need to repeat the TBP if your body underwent significant changes: such as growing to adulthood, pregnancy, extreme weight change, or developing many new moles. The current appearance of your moles can be compared with your baseline TBP photos during your monthly self-examination and on follow-up visits with your physician. If you see a change, circle the location on the acetate covered print for review with your physician. This form of screening can reveal subtle changes in moles that may be indicative of melanoma in its earliest and most curable phase. Also, TBP may prevent unnecessary biopsies of moles that have not changed when compared to the baseline photos.


Wednesday November 13, 2013 from 8:30AM-12:30PM


North Dallas Dermatology Associates

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, Dermatrak Skin Imaging Event at NDDA